We are a womenswear label founded in April 2017 in Uruguay.
We specialize in demi-couture and create pieces of excellent quality made with the best materials our country has to offer: wool and leather. If we had to define our style, we would definitely say it is purely eclectic and powerful. We combine different resources to generate innovative fabrics that appeal to the senses. Sight and touch are our main focus, immersing each woman in a unique sensorial experience.
We seek to preserve the artisanal “savoir faire” and appreciate the care for details. We work halfway between the artisanal and the industrialized; where each piece is made in local workshops and we try not to lose the innovative touch in the renewed handmade details. For this reason, we value workers and are in constant search of the lost trades.
We design for passionate women who are ready to experience new sensations, in order to absorv the unusual. Feminine and sophisticated women who stand out with their every choice.

Vivian Sulimovich and Florencia Gómez de Salazar.

A/W 17

We found ourselves living in an increasingly dehumanized era, because of this, we felt inspired in our essence. That side of us that never changes: our deepest animal nature.
Fungi is reality and fantasy working together, coexisting with our wildest side intertwining until they are one. It´s conscience and evolution. A trip from the macro to the micro, resinding all it`s strength in the emotion of the journey.





Info: info@zarvich

Cel.: (+598) 99 103 399

Zarvich office: Eduardo Víctor Haedo 2240.
Office N 4. Montevideo | Uruguay.